Business Bay to Dubai is the same as the Upper East Side to New York, that is an exclusive commercial district. The project began to attract property buyers with its unique architecture, convenient location and easy access to many of the megacity’s attractions already in 2003, when the development of the community had just begun. To this day apartments for sale in Business Bay the UAE are in high demand among the Emirates and foreign investors.

Properties in Business Bay

The district’s residential property market consists of premium apartments and a limited range of premium villas. Local developers offer many spacious apartments in modern residential complexes. They come in different configurations – from studios to five-room apartments.

Why Business Bay Attracts Property Buyers

A record number of investors were attracted by the simultaneously fashionable and authentic district by the following factors:

  1. Transport infrastructure. The transport infrastructure of Business Bay, located between the Dubai Canal and the center of Dubai, consists of underground railway and highway networks. There are also taxis that help residents get to any part of the megacity. The international airport is just a 10 minute drive away from the community.
  2. Family community. Spacious residential properties, playgrounds, parks, kindergartens and preschool facilities all make the community eminently suitable for family life.
  3. Convenient location. Business Bay is a short drive from the city center and all of its frontmost establishments including The Dubai Mall, Souk Al Bahar, Dubai Opera, fashionable restaurants, bars and hotels.
  4. Multicultural population. One of the biggest advantages of the community is that it is not predominantly inhabited by one nationality. The representatives of different countries can be seen living in harmony here. Bay Avenue often hosts community events, including concerts and farmers’ markets, which provide a great opportunity for the locals to communicate with each other.
  5. Bright lifestyle. The community is equipped with the best restaurants, pubs, bars and nightclubs in Dubai. Residents from all over the city come to Business Bay to enjoy the nightlife it has to offer.

Assistance with the selection of property in Business Bay

Contact Ax Capital. The agency’s specialists use their deep knowledge and rich experience in Dubai property to help clients with:

  • selection of residential and commercial properties in accordance with the personal capabilities and preferences;
  • any questions in the transaction;
  • buying, selling and renting property;
  • opening an account in an emirates bank;
  • property management and maintenance.