Although you might not be bothered whether your vacation is centered around sports or not, if you are passionate about sports, you might not want to be separated from the hobby that you love. Not only this, but you might have decided to travel to indulge in your passion for sports or to visit sporting attractions and events that you might not be able to get at home. As such, to make sure that your vacation truly revolves around sports from morning until night, here are some of the top US resorts that sporting fans should head to in 2024.

1. Westgate Sports and Entertainment

Westgate Sports and Entertainment packages allow you to stay at resorts complete with dining options and casinos while experiencing edge-of-your-seat events.

If you want to combine your vacation with your love of sports, you should consider opting for a Westgate Sports & Entertainment package. For instance, you might choose to stay in their Las Vegas resort, enabling you to be as close as possible to events such as Kickstands Up Getaway 3. Within this package, you will also receive $100 gas cash and a Harley-Davidson gift card. This hotel is also home to a casino where you will be able to bet on the latest games and feel as if you are a part of the game. This can give you a reason to cheer on your favorite team. Choosing a Westgate Sports and Entertainment package will allow you to have somewhere luxurious to stay and rest your bones after a day of cheering your favorite team on or participating in said event yourself. You might be able to watch NASCAR races or attend NFL games. With these packages, you will be able to spend most of your time at the stadium while knowing that you always have somewhere comfortable to return to once darkness falls. This will allow you to be well-rested for the next day of exciting events, ensuring that you do not feel too fatigued to properly enjoy the thrills ahead.

2. The Resort at Paws Up

The Resort at Paws Up offers 37,000 acres of wilderness adventure, including 100 miles of trails for intrepid explorers.

Not everyone who loves sports enjoys sitting in front of a screen all day. If you want to get stuck in and enjoy an active vacation that will help you get fit and experience a corner of the country that you might not have set foot in before, you should consider staying at the Resort at Paws Up. This destination is nestled in the heart of Montana’s stunning natural landscapes and can set your heart racing with horseback riding, fly fishing trips, canoeing, and shooting. You might also get the chance to go on a go-cart or snowmobile, which can be a novel experience during the winter months. By visiting this resort, you will be able to live and breathe sport and forget the reality that you are usually stuck in, while also climbing into a luxurious and cozy bed each night once you have tired yourself out and your bones are aching. If you want to immerse yourself fully in the wilderness that is all around you, you might even decide that camping is a good option, enabling you to get closer to nature than you have ever gotten before. You might even come away feeling as if you have become part of it and now have new skills that can allow you to navigate the natural world.

3. Omni Frisco Hotel

The Omni Frisco Hotel is located next to a 91-acre entertainment district and offers a range of deals for sports fans, including football packages.

The top benefit of staying at the Omni Frisco Hotel if you are a sports fan is that you will be located on the doorstep of the 12,000-seat practice facility of the Dallas Cowboys, which just happens to be their world headquarters. Not only this, but the hotel itself offers a large training facility that you can use any time throughout your stay for $10, as well as access to a complimentary fitness center and a swimming pool where you can either lunge or do laps. Their training facility is also regularly in use, meaning that you might be able to catch an amateur or professional game while you are staying at the resort, meaning that you do not even have to step outside of it to get the sports fix that you require on your trip. Your wellness is also a constant priority at this location, as you can request a fitness kit that comes with kettlebells, weights, and a yoga mat, giving you all the tools that you need to keep up your regime and feel good until you decide to head home. You might even find that you leave your accommodation feeling fitter and in better shape than normal- which can be unusual for many vacations. You will also be able to get the nutrients that you need after your workout due to their comfortable dining options, as well as their room service, which can enable you to dine in private after a day of working up a sweat.

You do not have to abandon your passion for sports when you travel. Instead, you might even use this as a reason to travel, with there being a lot of hotels and resorts out there that cater to sporting fans and that can give you the chance to watch games and events or train and participate in sports yourself. By looking for the perfect hotel, which might also provide you with sports betting opportunities or sports-themed décor, you will be able to feel at home and close to the hobby that you adore and could not do without.