Doing it yourself is a really special feeling for a lot of homeowners and renters, but there is a time and place for doing it yourself. Sometimes, it’s necessary to call in professional help for both safety and quality purposes. Electrical wiring, systems and outlets are not to be trifled with and there should always be a clear indication of when it’s time to call an emergency electrician. If you’re not sure when it’s time to make a call, use this guide to help give you the clarity you need to pick up the phone.

Constant circuit tripping

We have all been there before, you plugged in one too many appliances or there is a sudden bolt of lightning during a storm and the circuit trips. Usually, there is a simple solution to this problem of flicking the circuit back on the switchboard. If you suffer from frequent or constant circuit trips, however, then it’s time to get an emergency call out electrician to look things over. Constant tripping is usually a sign of a more sinister problem than overloading the circuit board. Don’t risk burning out fuses and potentially damaging appliances to the point of no return. Calling in an emergency electrician can save you a lot in the long run, especially if you experience these trips almost constantly.

Flickering lighting

Wiring and lighting is not something you want to be toying around with yourself, especially if you have lights that flicker or turn on and off regularly. Changing a light bulb is a job you can manage yourself; wiring is not. If you experience any flickering of lights or lights turning on and off, it’s best to have this seen by an electrician. The flickering can indicate a loose or damaged wire, which if left unseen, may cause even more damage to your home. An electrician will be able to identify the wiring in question and help find a solution to ensure your home remains safe.

Hot outlets

When it comes to a power outlet, it’s not unusual to feel some level of warmth, after all, there is an electrical current running through it. Excessive heat or a hot feeling coming from your outlets is an absolute red flag and needs to be addressed by an emergency electrician. The main cause for concern is the potential fire danger of a malfunctioning outlet. If you notice any heat that you would consider unusual coming from any outlet in your home, then don’t hesitate, to call the emergency electrician to have the outlet assessed as soon as possible.

Noises or vibrations

If you can hear any kind of noises or vibrations that you can’t explain in your home, then it’s a good idea to have someone look into them. Noises can include a buzzing or a dull hum and should be taken seriously. Buzzing usually indicates that something has come loose, whether it be in the wall or possibly even in the roof. If there is a loose screw or housing for a light, you may also feel a dull vibration, and this would need to be confirmed by an electrician. Another potential cause of any buzzing or strange noises can be wiring issues. The best way to be sure and avoid a potential accident is to have an electrician investigate and identify the root cause. Don’t go trying to work it out yourself, and certainly don’t attempt any home fixes.

Water damage

If you have recently experienced a leak or some significant water event such as a storm or flood, then make sure you take the time to get expert advice before switching everything back on. Water damage can be a huge risk to electricals like wiring and outlets. If you have experienced or noticed any water damage, then be sure to have an electrician conduct a safety check before turning the power back on. Two things that don’t play well together are water and electricity. Even if things seem dry or there aren’t any signs of moisture, doesn’t mean the damage hasn’t already been done. Do the right thing and safeguard yourself by having an electrician check things out first.


There is a certain pride that comes from doing a job yourself at home, and there should be an even bigger sense of pride for knowing when something is too big or too dangerous to attempt. Electricals are one thing you don’t want to mess around with or do yourself. Calling an electrician is one of the best ways to maintain safety and electrical supply to your home. For a better understanding of when to call an emergency electrician, use this guide to get you started.