Why do you do what you do?“. This is a question that I receive a lot from followers and my family and friends. If the cool trips and products I get to test isn’t a good enough answer, perhaps I should finally address this once and for all.

#IWorkFor 'My Wanderlust' - Indeed.com

The easy response is what I mentioned above: test cool products and go on amazing adventures. Who wouldn’t want to do that? The real, well-thought out response however, is I do it for my insatiable thirst to travel. #iWorkFor ‘My Wanderlust’.

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Growing up my family didn’t travel very often. It was a mixture of not having enough money and in my mother’s case, the desire to travel. When we did end up going on our first family vacation to Florida to visit Disney World, I remember having an overwhelming feeling of excitement. I was hooked. From then on I knew I wanted to have a career that revolved around travel and visiting new places.

Even though I categorize myself as a men’s lifestyle writer, I’ve always focused on things that interested me. I never wanted to feel like I was forced to write anything I didn’t want to write. That’s why when I added travel as a category it seemed like a natural fit.

After years working the regular 9-to-5 jobs my blog started to take-off. I was getting noticed through Google, my social media accounts, and by good ol’ fashion word of mouth. Because I’ve always wanted to travel the world I slowly started incorporating travel type content. Everything from hotels to places to eat. This is most apparent when looking at my Instagram and Snapchat (add me: JoesDaily). Photos are easy to tell a story and/or show off a location or product I’m reviewing, so naturally I love using all aspects of the internet.

To help celebrate Labor Day, the world’s #1 job site, Indeed.com reached out and asked if I would share my story of what #iWorkFor. I was more than happy to oblige. Their site reaches over 180 million unique visitors per month from all-around the world (over 50 countries). As of right now they have over 2.1 million stories shared. That’s a whole lot of opportunity. In fact, a close friend of mine has had major success hiring new employees by posting listings on Indeed.

Tweet at @JoesDaily and @Indeed and share with us what you work for and why you do what you do. Looking forward to hearing your responses. Don’t forget to hashtag #iWorkFor!

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