What are your DIY skills like? Do you rely on them? Do you think they could save you money? Well, if you’re currently a bit of an amateur and you don’t know your galvanized steel pipes from your cross-linked polyethylene pipes, it’s time to brush up a little. Because anything can happen within your home on a daily basis, and if you’ve already forked out thousands on getting your home done up with a redec or an extension, a repair job could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

There are a lot of potential repairs you’re going to need to do around your home, and as the homeowner, you’re going to want to save some money on these repairs. And what’s the best way to save money here? By learning how to take on these bigger DIY projects!

Because not only does this allow you to keep your savings where they belong (in your account), but it affords you a lot more control over your own space, and you’re always going to know what’s going on. So, without further ado, here are some of the bigger, more tough to handle jobs you can learn to take on yourself.

You Can Learn To Repair The Entirety Of Your Home Yourself

In the Bathroom

Let’s start with the toilet, a.k.a., the main reason you have a bathroom. Maybe the bowl is cracked or chipped, or maybe it’s not flushing properly, or maybe you need to replace the toilet altogether.

Let’s start with the latter DIY project here, because sometimes, the toilet gets a bit old and a bit ratty and you definitely need a new model! Replacing a toilet is much easier to do than you might think, even when you’re on your own and you have no plumbing experience. Make sure you know the size of your old toilet, and you can replace it with one of a similar size, because one too big or too small is going to complicate the whole matter. A very in depth and important walkthrough can be found right here if you’re looking for more information on this kind of DIY project.

Then take a look at your shower; is the showerhead a little loose? You can put it right back into place with a bit of expanding foam, which is easy to get a hold of. So if the pipe seems to be coming out of the wall, make sure to spray it on round the seal and let it dry into place. Now you’ve got a properly working shower again, and you’ll definitely be able to achieve the water pressure you’re used to again!

In the Kitchen

You probably know how to unscrew the pipe under the sink in case of blockage, but what about your dishwasher or your washing machine?

Maybe your dishwasher doesn’t clean properly, or it’s just too noisy to cycle during the evening or at nighttime. You can work out what’s going on yourself and then make some adjustments, because there’s a lot you can fix yourself within a standard dishwasher.

Most of the time, your dishwasher is just going to need a clean out – there are plenty of products you can buy from a supermarket to do this. If the dishwasher is a bit too noisy, certainly far more than before, you might need to get a new door seal, or maybe even replace the pump inside, as the racket could be a sign of cracks within the pump or pipe.

Maybe your washing machine is on the fritz, and it’s smelling or not working properly. What are you going to do? Fix it yourself! Sure, you may think you’ll void a warranty here, but if your washing machine is older, or you didn’t fork out for the extra coverage (and you can’t get a new one on the insurance for any reason), you can do what you want with the machine.

Make sure you know what problem is going on – maybe it won’t drain, maybe it won’t spin, or maybe it’s incredibly noisy. As long as you know what model you’re working with, you could very well replace some broken parts within the appliance yourself – just make sure you know where to source items such as fisher and paykel spare parts and you’re good to go. At the same time, make sure you know how to clean the inside of the washing machine, because that needs to be done on a regular basis too.

In the Living Room

Is your TV broken? Don’t worry, you can make some repairs here that are a lot simpler than you might think! If the TV won’t even turn on, don’t throw it away – keep it and investigate a little. Check the fuses in the plug, take the back off, or maybe even just change the batteries in the remote you’re using.

Maybe the hardwood flooring your couch is sitting on hasn’t been finished properly, or maybe it’s been sanded down recently and you need to do a bit of revarnishing. It’s easy to get on with a project like this – of course, you’re going to need a good day or two to complete it, and move some things out of the way, but it’s an approachable project.

It’s all about screening; you don’t need to sand anymore here. You won’t even need to lift the old finish off of the floor, and you can just work with the old screening. However, you might need to get a hold of some equipment you don’t actually own yourself; maybe you could rent it out from a nearby shop, or borrow from a friend of yours? Make sure you also get your hands on the right varnish for your type of flooring, as there’s quite a few out there.

Your home can be repaired entirely by your own hands, as long as you’ve got a bit of time and you’ve got a tutorial to follow. So, make sure you put those overalls on and get the tool belt out, because your home’s your castle and you can fix it!