17 Character Posters for The Hobbit

The Hobbit - Bilbo

On Friday 17 new character posters were released for The Hobbit. I can only imagine the amount of moist LOTR fans out there upon seeing Gandalf raking leaves and Bilbo looking like he just shit his pants. I’m usually not much of a critic, especially when it comes to a franchise I’m personally obsessed with, but there is just something about the posters I’m not fond of. This isn’t to say I hated all 17, I just only liked a few: Dori (cause he looks drunk), Balin (cause his name is almost ballin), Ori (cause he looks like he was just caught masturbating), and Nori (cause he looks fierce).

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Nevertheless I’m stoked to see Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit and expect nothing but the best. Will you be seeing it on December 14th?

The Hobbit - Gandalf

The Hobbit - Thorin

The Hobbit - Ori

The Hobbit - Gloin

The Hobbit - Oin

The Hobbit - Kili

The Hobbit - Nori

The Hobbit - Dwalin

The Hobbit - Bofur

The Hobbit - Bombur

The Hobbit - Fili

The Hobbit - Balin

The Hobbit - Bifur

The Hobbit - Dori

The Hobbit - Gollum

The Hobbit - Galadriel

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