If there’s one thing we love here at Joe’s Daily, it’s Absolut Vodka. Thanks to them, we’ve been lucky enough to share in some amazing experiences over the past few years, like house parties that end with a surprise concert and checking out how their product is meticulously made in gorgeous Sweden. That said, when there’s a new Absolut bottle design, we’re always excited to check it out (which honestly isn’t crazy when you consider how impressive they always are). This time around, Absolut has collaborated with graphic designer Txaber to create a full collection in Pantone colors, including 2017’s color of the year, “Greenery”.

For this project, the artist has cleanly and beautifully dressed the bottles in the famous style of Pantone’s color cards. As for the colors themselves, each was chosen to be representative of the flavor it encases. This idea is further strengthened at the bottom of the bottle, where the type of Absolut is listed, just above the corresponding Pantone reference.

Absolut Pantone 2017

Absolut Pantone Apeach

Absolut Pantone 100

Absolut Pantone Cherrys

Absolut Pantone Cirtrone

Absolut Pantone Copper

Absolut Pantone Mandarin

Absolut Pantone Pears

Absolut Pantone Peppar

Absolut Pantone Rasperri