Something awesome happened in Los Angeles last week that I’m kicking myself for not being able to attend. Bulleit launched their latest Frontier Works series by unveiling the first ever tattoo billboard created solely from tattoo ink. The large scale tattoo includes the Bulleit Frontier Whiskey label along with LA-inspired tattoo designs by 24 LA tattoo artists. Each were given sections of the canvas to design and illustrate what the LA tattoo culture represents to them.

If you find yourself in Los Angeles or already an Angeleno, pop on over to the installation at 3921 W Sunset Blvd. & Hyperion Ave.

“Bulleit gave me a lot of creative freedom when designing my piece of leather for the installation,” said Nathan Kostechko, one of the tattoo artists participating in the collaboration. “The group of tattooists brought the project to life beautifully and I hope it makes people smile when they pass by.”

See below for photo highlights of the event:

Bulleit Frontier Works Billboard

Group of Bulleit Frontier Works Tattoo Artists

Bulleit Billboard

Bulleit Bourbon

Bulleit Airbrush Tattoo Wall

Brandon Notch, Shawn Barber, Dave Horn

Bulleit Airbrush Tattoo Wall

Bulleit Rye Julep, Bulleit 10-Year Old Fashioned, Bulleit Frontier Sour