If there’s one thing every human can appreciate it’s a good mash-up. Whether it’s food, music, clothes or literally anything else; if two things that don’t normally go together can be successfully combined then everyone’s in love. True to this idea, mixed-medium artist Lizzie Campbell has used polymer clay to create some awesome alternate posters for some of our favorite movies since movies began.

Lizzie creates her ‘clay illustrations’ at her studio, Clay Disarray, in Warwickshire, England. Be sure to check out her site for her other clay works, and possibly some future additions (Casablanca? Pulp Fiction? Just putting it out there).

Lost in Translation by Clay Disarray

Little Shop of Horrors by Lizzie Campbell

Frankenstein by Clay Disarray

Drive by Clay Disarray Ryan Gosling

Donnie Darko by Clay Disarray

Breaking-Bad by Lizzie Campbell

These posters can be purchased via society6. They also come as phone cases, throw pillows, shower curtains, tote bags, as well as just about everything else an image can be printed on.