If this deceptively simple-looking ClockClock 24 is giving you a sense of nostalgia for those beloved digital alarm clocks of the 80s—they were the worst—you’re definitely not alone. However, upon slightly closer inspection, you’ll actually find that the feeling this amazing piece has to offer is more in the realm of a hypnotized awe.

As the name suggests, ClockClock24 is a combination analog/digital wall clock made up of 24 smaller clocks. (Still with me?) While the idea itself is pretty cool, it’s definitely the show it puts on when changing times that earns it both that “hypnotized awe” description as well as its $6k price tag. When a new minute comes along, each of the 48 hands move in perfect synchronization to create a visual event that kind of makes ClockClock 24 feel like it belongs in one of those beautiful, futuristic dystopian movies. But, like, in a really good way.

Of course, should the fanfare of something that happens an extraordinary number of times per day (525,600 times a year, I’ve heard) get a little old, users have the option of switching from the ‘elaborate’ setting to ‘minimal’ or ‘medium’ instead.

Unique modern clock

ClockClock24 can be purchased via the MoMA design store. Click here to find out more.