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Recently, the fine folks at Displate were nice enough to send me one of their cool metal posters. Actually, they sent me a series from a collection of my choice. Before they reached out to work with me on a sponsored post I had no idea who they were, which is surprising because they are the exact kind of product I love to feature on Joe’s Daily.

What is Displate?

Displate is a magnet mounted metal print made from steel that requires zero power tools to hang it. Since their inception in 2013, Displate has enlisted over 11,000 artists in 85 countries to create a collective 217,000+ designs. Their collections range anything from comic and movie posters to military, inspirational quotes, and cartoon posters. I recommend you scan through all of Displate’s collections here and find what is right for you.

I was tasked with the difficult job of picking out 4 poster designs for my office. In all seriousness, it was actually hard to settle on a collection since they’re all so cool. I ended up choosing these patent posters I came across. Awesome, right?

Gameboy patent poster

As a diehard gaming fan, the Gameboy poster was an obvious choice. For my wife, who is a huge science nerd, I got her the microscope patent poster. The last two patent posters are old school camera patents since I’m a photographer.

Cool patent prints from Displace

1 Displate = 10 trees planted

What might be the coolest aspect of Displate is their tree planting initiative. As I write this article, Displate has planted over 7.5 million trees in West Africa, East Africa, and Central America. For every 1 metal poster sold, Displate plants 10 trees with the help of Trees for the Future. I love a company that does good for the world and isn’t out just to profit off of it.

If you think the posters above look cool, wait until you see all the collections Displate has to offer. And depending on what your wall decor needs are, Displate provides four different sizes: medium, large, x large, and multi-plate. Learn about their sizes here.

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