They’ve Finally Created a Miniature Replica of Seinfeld’s Apartment

It’s unclear exactly who the genius was that came up with the idea for this impeccable replica of the set for Seinfeld’s apartment, but it’s amazing and I need one right now. Produced at 1:26 scale, the model comes complete with over 100 detailed components. From the dishes in the cabinets, to the front door that actually works, they really didn’t miss a thing.

The project is the result of the work of some very noteworthy contributors, including the show’s brilliant original Production Designer, Tho. E. Azzari. It was the help of sketches, swatches and Polaroids from his personal archives that really enabled the replica to be so true to the real thing. As for the others: creative advice was furnished by the exceptional miniature and fine-art designer Alan Wolfson; the meticulous collectibles studio Rvckvs Holdings LLC oversaw the design; and the translations of the photos and other assets into digital sculpture was done by the internationally recognized architectural design studio, Mass Operations.

Seinfeld Miniature Set with Photo

If you preorder by March 1st, you can get the awesome little Seinfeld Apartment Set Replica for $399.99. For people ordering before that time, they’re also throwing in a wooden piece of the real set door. After March 1st, the price changes to $499.99. And if you really want to get one of these, but need a little more incentive to act fast, you should also know that they’re only making 5000 of them. So, yeah, I’d get on it ;)

Seinfeld Miniature Set Pen Scale

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