This 2017 Sunlight Calendar Has the Perfect Personality

So, I know it’s not impossible but I’ve always had trouble finding calendars that I like. It could very well be the places that I’m shopping but I can never seem to locate one that has just the right amount of ‘personality’ going on. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like it keeps me up at night, but it would be nice to find something to hang up that isn’t either stark white or covered in cats and inspirational quotes (maybe it’s just me). That said, when I came across the Sunlight Calendar from Paper Collective I was kind of thrilled.

The 2017 Sunlight Calendar, designed by All the Way to Paris, features twelve radiant (get it ;) illustrations fashioned to represent the location and intensity of the sunlight during each respective month. I have to say that, looking at all of the images laid out side by side, it really does a beautiful job. To be completely honest, it might be more representative of places less temperate than Los Angeles. However, this is personally one of the reasons that I enjoy the calendar, as it almost feels like a piece of my Midwestern home.

Paper Collective Sunlight Calendar All the Way to Paris All Months

Paper Collective Sunlight Calendar All the Way to Paris November

The 2017 Sunlight Calendar retails for €59.00 (though it is currently on sale for €20.00), and can be purchased via Paper Collective.

Sarah Militello-Wilson is a Los Angeles-based lifestyle blogger. Originally from the outskirts of the outskirts of a small town in Illinois, her love and endless curiosity for all things science, nature, and wayfaring have been with her throughout her life. She takes her coffee with milk and flowers :)

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