Author: Joe Miragliotta

Hot sweater dress by Kimberly Ovitz

My ideal girl would wear this outfit. Nothing hotter then a sweater dress with some high, dark, boots!

The designer is Kimberly Ovitz. You’d think this was created by a straight man. Who wouldn’t want their girl rocking this outfit while out on the town?

Frank Miller’s Gucci Guilty Trailer

Frank Miller brings back ‘Sin City’ with this sick Gucci trailer for their new perfume, Gucci Guilty.

The trailer stars Chris Evans and Evan Rachel Woods. Catch more of it during this years MTV Video Music Awards.

Pee-Wee goes to Sturgis [video]

Pee-Wee Herman is making a comeback. I’ve always been a huge fan of his show back when I was a young’n. Now we have the pleasure of catching his act on Funny or Die.

Google iPhone App Now Does Push

Google has just recently updated their iPhone App to now receive push notifications for Gmail and Google Calendar, directly from the App.

Famous Couples with Taller Women

You have to love the hope that these couple brings to many vertically challenged guys. I’m a little below average myself...

Hot Disney Chicks

Can these girls get any cuter? Fuck cute, can they get any sexier? I’m not sure which one is hotter. I...

Before they became famous

I found a bunch of musicians before they became famous and one or two actors. Gotta love what they looked like...

Mafia Game

Rating: ***** You will need: Deck of cards / 15+ people (this much is necessary to make the game interesting) Creator: unknown Category: Strategy/Teamwork...