Vehicle safety checks are easy to forget, right? Most countries have laws in place that require an annual safety check of your vehicle to ensure it is safe to use on the roads. It would be understandable to think that is sufficient, but it is not. A lot of us do not even think twice when getting into our cars every morning and driving to work, or down to the shops, or even on long-distance holiday trips – the truth of the matter is that only checking once a year is simply not enough. To give you peace of mind that you and your family will reach your destination safely, here are 3 important vehicle safety checks that you need to do today.

1. Tire Check

Your tires are one of the most important things to check before you embark on your journey, especially if you are planning a long-distance trip. Visually check your tires to make sure they look properly inflated. You can then check for signs of damage like rusty nails or broken glass, or any kind of unusual wear on the tires. Your last tire check, and one of the most important ones, is to check that your tire is adequately treaded. To do this check you can use a tread depth gauge or you can use a penny. Insert the penny, head first, into multiple tread grooves around the tire. If you can always see the top of Lincoln’s head, then your tires are too worn and not safe to drive on.

2. Wipers

Your wiper blades ensure you always have a clear picture of the road in front of you. It is important to make sure your wiper blades work effectively and clear your windshield. Make sure your wiper controls work and your wiper blades turn on. If you are caught in a sudden downpour and you cannot see the road ahead clearly, this could result in you having a car accident. If you are ever in an accident, make sure you have good Car Accident Lawyers at hand to make sure you are covered legally.

3. Seat Belts

Check your seat belts to make sure they are working correctly before you start your trip. As you exit your garage, before entering traffic, give your brakes a firm push to ensure your seat belt grips tightly and to confirm your ABS braking system is in order. Two birds, one brake…

These 3 checks will not take a lot of time but they could end up saving you or a loved one’s life. While you are driving, be sure to listen out for any unusual noises coming from the vehicle, like knocking sounds or odd engine noises, these could indicate serious problems with your vehicle and they will need to be checked ASAP by your trusted mechanic. Regularly performing these and other safety checks on your vehicle, and having your services done timeously, will go a long way to make sure you get to your chosen destination without any problems.