Times are tough and everyone is trying to make the budget stretch further. At the same time, it is important to enjoy life. We only get one go around and might as well make it worthwhile. For the ATV lover, there are five top choices that will help to keep the expenses from getting out of control and make the budget conscious buyer happy.

Polaris Sportsman 550


Polaris has had a strong reputation in the field for decades when it comes to snowmobiles and ATV’s. They keep perfecting their product line, making improvements and giving the public something better with each new model. While their ATV’s can be pricey, especially when considering their Ranger and Razor side-by-side models, several of their Sportsman four wheelers come in at a reasonable price. The Sportsman 550 comes in under $8000 while the Sportsman 500 is available for about $6000. The least expensive is the Sportsman 400 with a price of under $6000. It is up to the rider when it comes to picking a particular model. If power is an issue, a pricier option will be preferred. However, if expense is the most pressing concern, the 400 model still has plenty of pep for the ride, brings Polaris’ reputation with it, and the machine will not break the bank.


Honda TRX400X


Honda is known for making first-class cars. They also know ATV’s and produce a product line that satisfies many loyal customers and keeps them coming back for the next model. At a little over $6000, the TRX400X is a good choice in the ATV sport class. When it comes to the ATV utility class of four wheelers, the Foreman 4X4 runs around $7000. The price drops dramatically for the Rancher line at about $5000 and the Recon line in the $4000 range. The lower the price, generally the lower amount of CC’s but a person can still afford to own an ATV.

Yamaha Grizzly 350


Yamaha has been in the ATV business for over thirty years. After having success in the snowmobiling industry and the motorcycle world, they decided to try their hand at ATV’s and have been going strong ever since. The Yamaha Grizzly 350 is a wise choice for the frugal consumer with a price tag in the $5000 range. The Grizzly 400 is only about $4000. The Grizzly 125 is only about $3500 and is perfect for the inexperienced rider or the rider who does not need a powerful machine, but wants to go out and enjoy easy trails.

Kawaski Brute Force 300


Kawasaki is another company that did well with motorcycles before going in the direction of ATV’s. In the Sport Utility class, the Brute Force 300 is priced in the $4000 range. The Bruce Force 360 is approximately $6000. In the Sport class, the KFX 450 is pricier at about $8000. However, the KFX 90 is under $3000. This model may work well for the younger rider who is new to the trail system.

Can-Am - Outlander


While Can-Am does many things well, such as the Spyder and UTV’s, they are also recognised in the industry for their ATV’s. The Outlander model runs under $7000 while the DS 250 is under $4000. Can-Am machines are known to be durable and get the job done in a pinch. Those who are loyal to the company wouldn’t consider buying any other product.
Image Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kdcnmorales/2747483811/

Finding the right ATV is up to the consumer. The top five picks are all comparable in price, features, and reliability. Once ATV enthusiasts pick their ride at the right place, it’s time to load up a trailer on the back of the trusty old Jeep Wrangler, or other four-wheel drive vehicles, and hit the road.