BMW 90 years Motorrad Sketch

In his opening speech, President of BMW Motorrad, Stephan Schaller, confirmed the reality of the project for a new type of roadster: this bike not only exists, but it will arrive on the market in 2013, assured the German leader.

Schaller did not say more about the identity and date of launch of this model designed to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the BMW motorcycle activity. But a visual on which appears a sketch of the new roadster was distributed: we discover a retro style bike lines almost Café racer, built around an air-cooled Boxer-oil engine…

As the first BMW motorcycle (R 32 in 1923) in which she pays homage, this new 2013 adopts a final drive by cardan shaft and old school spokes wheels. In contrast, the front of this beautiful roadster inspired by the Lo Rider concept is conventional: Telelever point or Duolever, but a “classic” inverted fork.

To be continued… Stay tuned!