Since I first owned an iPhone, I knew that I would want it to integrate into my car, outside of the usual 3rd party plugins and cables. Finally Apple has announced CarPlay (FREE), a built-in iOS coming to new cars in 2014 that work with the iPhone 5, 5c, and 5s. Using your car’s existing controls and touch screen, CarPlay will allow you to make and answer calls, get directions, send and receive texts, play music, and a whole bunch more. It’s exciting to see Apple integrating their iOS into cars, because personally I feel like everything else is just slow and outdated. The car’s that will be CarPlay compatible in 2014 are Ferrari, Honda, Hyundai, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, and Volvo. Don’t fret if you don’t see your car make listed, Apple is already working with almost double the amount of car makers to get CarPlay integrated. Read more about CarPlay here.