Have you ever wondered what your car would say if it could communicate? How helpful would it be if it could tell you things like when you’re using too much gas or why your check engine light just kicked on? Well the Automatic ($100), produced by San Francisco based company Automatic Labs, has given our cars the ability to do just that—and a whole lot more. This small cube links your car to your smartphone simply by plugging into your vehicle’s data port. That’s it! Just a few simple steps and the relationship you have with your car will never be the same.

This little device offers several crazy-helpful features. First and foremost: translating that ridiculous check engine light. Never again will you pay $97 just to hear that your gas cap was loose. If you experience a car accident, not only will Automatic alert emergency services for you, it will also contact your loved ones to keep them up to speed about what is going on. Perfect for those who share a car, have terrible memories, or happen to be Ashton Kutcher and Seann William Scott, it keeps track of where you left your car. And, perhaps the best aspect of this little gadget, the Automatic learns your driving style to help you improve on the way you use your gas. Over the course of a year this could save you up to 1/3rd of what you would be spending on fuel.

The Automatic works on most gasoline engines cars sold in the United States since 1996. Check your car’s compatibility here.