Chevrolet has come out swinging with their highly anticipated ‘Blazer EV’ announcement. The fully-electric vehicle is slated for mid-2023 and comes in four different trims, with mileage ranging from 247 – 320 miles. The top-tier trim level comes all-wheel-drive with 22-inch wheels, 557 horsepower, and 648 pound-feet of torque, resulting in a 0-60 mph time in just under four seconds.

So what’s the battery looking like in the Blazer EV? The Blazer EV supports 11.5kW Level 2 onboard AC charging and 190kW fast charging if you’re in a pinch. The faster charging will get you 78 miles in about 10 minutes through a DC fast charger. Pretty solid when you’re road tripping and need a quick juice.

What I’m most excited about with the Blazer EV is the gorgeous 17.7-inch touchscreen and the 11-inch instrument cluster display. You can see them in action in the Blazer EV reveal video below that Chevrolet put out.

Blazer EV Reveal Video

Available in mid-2023, the Chevrolet Blazer EV will start at $44,995 USD.