If you would have told ten-year-old me that I might own a DeLorean one day I would think you’re as crazy as Dr. Brown. Soon it might just be a reality.

DeLorean has once again collaborated with Italdesign, the original designers of the DeLorean, to help sculpt the Alpha5. The new design features smoother edgers than its hard-edged predecessor, the DMC-12. Of course, they kept the gullwing doors, being the most iconic feature of the vehicle.

So what can you expect under the hood of this sleek new concept? DeLorean is aiming to hit a range of 300 miles, a top-out speed at 150 MPH, and a 0-60 mph in just 3.4 seconds. CEO Joost de Vries has announced that the first 88 cars will be track-only examples, with a follow-up production-ready for the streets. Rumor has it a V8 version and SUV are in the works too.