Ferrari 812 GTS Convertible

It has been 50 years since Maranello–the hometown of Ferrari–has released a front-engine, V12 Ferrari convertible. The last was the 365 GTS/4, known as the Daytona. Presently, Ferrari has announced the arrival of the 812 GTS, their most powerful convertible to-date based off of the 812 Superfast. This Italian beast boasts a 789 horsepower V12, a hardtop that retracts in 14 seconds, and a redesigned rear and pillars to help reduce wind noise in the cabin.

Ferrari 812 GTS Convertible Interior

I’m not sure I will ever have the pleasure of owning a Superfast in my life, but if I do, let’s make sure it’s as stunning as the new Ferrari 812 GTS Convertible. Just thought I would put that out into the Universe.

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