Genesis is now using augmented reality to change the owner’s manual game forever. Let’s face it; ever since cars started becoming more computerized, it’s also become more difficult to learn the ins and outs when you get behind the wheel of a new one. Don’t get me wrong. Reading a manual has never been fun—assuming you even had the time to do it. Still, at least all you had to worry about before was locating what was already familiar, like the air controls and oil cap. Nowadays there are so many buttons, screens, and features that you can literally drive a car for over a year and still discover new things. (Or maybe it’s just me.) Well, if you happen to be the driver of a Genesis 2017 G80 or G90 model, this will now be a thing of the past.

Genesis Augmented Reality

Genesis has announced the launch of their new Virtual Guide: a free app that uses augmented reality to help owners with everything from maintenance to discovering their car’s special features. All they have to do is use their device’s camera to scan the part or area they want to know more about, and they’re off! The app employs 135 videos and 25 3D-overlay images to make the desired information a breeze to find and easy to digest.

As for what’s included, Genesis chose what to highlight by reviewing quality- and customer-survey results. So chances are, if you have a question, you’re going to find an answer. No more dealing with a paper manual again.

Check out more about the new Genesis Virtual Guide in the video below.

*If you happen to own a 2018 model, not to worry. Genesis will be updating to include these vehicles as well, later this year.