INEOS Automotive has proudly announced the start of production for the Grenadier Quartermaster, a double cab pick-up that redefines off-road capability and versatility. This marks a significant milestone for INEOS, following its unveiling at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

A New Model Rolls Out

The Grenadier Quartermaster, the latest addition to INEOS Automotive’s lineup, has begun production in Hambach, France. This model is not just a new vehicle but a symbol of INEOS’s commitment to innovation and quality. Set to reach European customers in December 2023, the Quartermaster will soon extend its market reach to North America by early 2024.

Unmatched Off-Road Prowess

The Quartermaster, with its 10.3 inches of ground clearance and 31.5-inch wading depth, sets a new standard for off-road capabilities. Its approach, breakover, and departure angles are unparalleled in the pick-up segment. This vehicle is engineered for the toughest terrains, offering a perfect blend of power and precision.

Design and Features: Built for the Tough Roads

Named after a key military logistics role, the Quartermaster is designed for maximum utility and durability. Sharing its DNA with the Grenadier Station Wagon, it offers a spacious five-seat double cab and an extended 129-inch wheelbase. This design translates into a substantial payload capacity of 1675 pounds, easily accommodating a standard 2 x 4-foot pallet.

Power and Performance: Engineered for Excellence

At the heart of the Quartermaster is a choice of BMW 3.0-litre turbo-charged inline six-cylinder petrol or diesel engines, coupled with an eight-speed automatic transmission from ZF. This combination ensures that the Quartermaster is as powerful as it is efficient.

Future Expansions: A Glimpse into INEOS’s Plans

INEOS Automotive isn’t stopping here. A chassis cab model, using the same frame as the Quartermaster pick-up, is slated for production in 2024. This model targets conversion specialists and commercial body builders, highlighting INEOS’s dedication to versatility and innovation.

INEOS Automotive’s acquisition of the Hambach facility from Mercedes-Benz in January 2021 marked a pivotal step in the Grenadier line’s development. The site boasts a new semi-automated paint shop, a fully automated body shop, and a quality center, ensuring that each Quartermaster is built to the highest standards.

CEO’s Vision: A Promise of Unmatched Quality

Lynn Calder, CEO of INEOS Automotive, emphasizes the significance of the Quartermaster, noting its exceptional off-road capabilities and load capacity. The vehicle has been rigorously tested in diverse terrains, proving its mettle as a robust and reliable pick-up.