Let’s face it: with how obsessed our culture has become with zombie invasions, or any other general apocalyptic scenario for that matter, every one of us has wondered what we would do if something like this ever happened. The majority of people never take it beyond daydreaming. But for those that do, Motopeds has a new product to add to that inventory they’ve been stockpiling in their homemade bunkers.

Like something straight out of Mad Max or The Walking Dead, this motorized bicycle comes decked out with literally everything a person could ever want or need when it comes to survival. Just some of the furnished equipment includes a tomahawk, harpoon, crossbow, two multi-tools, a one-gallon gas pack, a lighting system, and (in case the towers are still functioning) a mount for your smartphone. Even better, the fact that gas is usually scarce in our imagined apocalyptic scenarios is a non-issue, as Motopeds get anywhere form 90 to 120mpg. Seriously, the only thing missing with this is a box of matches. But, as everything is usually depicted as being on fire anyway when civilization as we know it ends, you’ll probably be fine on that front.

Of course, nowhere does it say that the only purpose of this bike is for catastrophic events — perhaps you’re a recreational survivalist, planning to live really far off the grid, or just enjoy owning random cool shit — but if we’re being honest, it’s way more awesome to imagine it that way.