Saving the Cars We Love with A/C Pro’s A/C Recharge Kit

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of A/C Pro. All opinions are 100% mine.

When it comes to the things I own, I tend to hold onto them until they’re completely unusable. Holes in my clothes? No problem, I’ve got those sewing skills. Scratched up or wobbly furniture? I can handle that too. Baskets unweaving, glass chipped, metal lost its luster—check, check, check. Now, we could blame my habit* on frugality. There have definitely been points in my life where this was the cause. You could also attribute it to the issue I have with the amount of waste that ends up in landfills thanks to our ‘everything is disposable’ mindset. You wouldn’t really be wrong with that thought either. But the real reason I keep just about everything I own until it’s been run into the ground is mostly because of attachment. So, when I come across a product like A/C Pro’s A/C Pro Recharge Kit that helps me hold onto, say, a car that I’ve come to love for even a little bit longer, I’m absolutely going to utilize it.

What comes with the A/C Pro Recharge Kit

What comes with the A/C Pro Recharge Kit

A/C Pro Recharge Kit When I purchased my first car, it was already a good five years old. Compared to today’s standards there were very few bells and whistles to speak of, but I was instantly attached. I ended up naming it ‘Bessie’ (yes, if you haven’t figured it out yet, I am that person) and together we went on tens and tens of thousands of miles of cross-country road trips, 5-hour journeys between home and college, and sometimes just random drives to get away. Through it all I did my best to stay up on oil changes and maintenance, and Bessie returned the favor by trekking along wherever I asked it to take me. Sadly, the inevitable eventually happened, and my beloved car slowly began to need more and more from me. I gave my hardest try to hold onto it for as long as I could, but in the end I had to give it up. Not going to lie, I was heartbroken. The upsetting part is that among the final problems that broke the cost/sentiment bubble was the air conditioning.

Looking back, I kind of feel like I’ve done wrong by Bessie in not knowing about A/C Pro’s A/C Recharge Kit sooner. Especially considering how cheap and easy to use it is. It literally just takes 3 steps (still trying to decide if this is exciting or depressing for me).

I recommend using A/C Pro’s handy Port Finder
 before getting started.

Step 1: Connect the hose

Step 2: Pull the trigger

Step 3: Check the gauge That’s it. THAT’S IT! Three steps and you’ve got the coldest air again, and you’ve saved all that money. Poor Bess.

Car Maintenance Before a Road Trip

A/C is fixed. Time for a road trip!

Look, I don’t know your life. But whether you’re like me and like to DIY yourself into being able to hold onto everything you’re attached to, or you’re just trying to save a little chunk of change, A/C Pro’s A/C Recharge Kit is definitely something you should check out.

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