Starwood Motors Jeep Nomad

Starwood Motors took everything that Jeep Wrangler owners love and times it by two. Their latest project Jeep Nomad is being touted as “Trail Rated,” with added tools to keep you outdoors and off-roading longer. Wherever you may end up, you will have a place to stay.

Thanks to its Smittybuilt Overland rack you have a tent that mounts to the roof. To further your comfort outdoors, they included an ARB portable fridge and Smittybuilt generator. Some other key features to mention are the full front and rear LED lighting, custom compartments in rear side windows for fresh water cans and fuel, and a Warn Dual Powerhouse winch (compressor and winch).

Learn more about the Starwood Motors Jeep Nomad by visiting their website here.

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