In celebration of our recent nuptials, our friends at Chevrolet gifted us a 2017 Krypton Green Camaro with 6-speed manual transmission to drive for a week. I’m not gonna lie, it was bad ass.

Visiting Home in a 2017 Krypton Green Camaro

Twice a year, once around the 4th of July and again during the winter holidays, Sarah and I try our best to get out to Illinois to spend time with her family. I think when most people talk about visiting home, they’re referring to a single town. With Sarah, it’s more like a collection of five or six (honestly, I didn’t really realize it was that many until just now). That, coupled with the fact that most of the area is either forest or farmland, means that if you’re not driving at least 20 minutes or 20 miles to get somewhere, chances are you aren’t going anywhere. Now, don’t misunderstand me; I’m definitely not complaining. Just the opposite, in fact. Here in LA, most of your driving will take you twice as long to get a quarter as far. Sometimes it feels like you’re really just passive-aggressively scooting. That said, you can understand why I’m usually not the biggest fan of driving. However, give me an open country road and a great car (*cough* like a Camaro *cough*) to drive on it, and I’m there.

This time, in addition to the typical list of places to go, was a long list of shopping and rentals to pick up across the river in St. Louis. Sarah and I had just gotten married in Mexico, so we were throwing a cocktail reception for those that couldn’t make it. I have to say having something fun to drive made it all enjoyable. But enough about my errands, let’s get to the car!

As I said before, the car was a Camaro 1LS Coupe with a manual transmission. It had been a little while since I’d gotten behind the wheel of a stick shift, but (just like riding a bike) it came back to me pretty quickly. Once it did, I had an absolute blast. The pickup and the handling were phenomenal, and the ride was totally smooth. As for tech, the car was set. I’d completely forgotten that the Camaros were being equipped with Apple CarPlay compatibility (they have Android auto capability as well) so when I first climbed in I may or may not have geeked out a little bit. Can you blame me? It just makes everything so much easier. It also came with a 7-inch touchscreen, rear-vision camera, and Wi-Fi hotspot. So, yeah, good to go as far as things we could possibly want. Of course, there’s much more to know about this car than what I’ve mentioned above. To take a look at all of its specs and options, you can visit their site here.

I’ll leave you with this: We always enjoy ourselves when we take a visit to Illinois. The difference this time was that when it came time to hop in the car to go see the next person, instead of the drives feeling like a waste of time, we totally loved them. So, if you have a trip back home planned any time soon, I can’t recommend enough that you give a Camaro a try—Krypton Green, or otherwise. It’s definitely going to add a whole new element to your adventure.