In celebration of the highly anticipated launch of ‘Ghostwire: Tokyo’, Tango Gameworks has released 18-minutes of gameplay that is sure to entice gamers.

Created by the studio behind The Evil Within, Ghostwire: Tokyo is set in a futuristic Tokyo, Japan, which has become overrun by Hannya, a mysterious supernatural being that caused 99% of the city’s population to vanish. Through Ethereal Weaving, players will confront evil spirits throughout the city using hand-gesture-based combat, casting spells like Doctor Strange to free souls that have been trapped by the antagonist and freeing them with katashiro paper dolls. The enemies you’ll face are all inspired by Japanese folklore and mythology too, giving you a dive into the country’s culture on top of an intense gaming experience.

Ready to jump into ‘Ghostwire: Tokyo’? You can download it today for Playstation 5 and PC via Steam. Watch the gameplay trailer above.