James Bond has been a budding franchise since 1963 with the release of Dr. No. That’s over 50 years of 007 kicking ass and taking names. To celebrate the mega successful franchise, I decided it was time to pay homage to some of the famous hardware Bond wielded, guns in particular. The following are ‘5 Best Guns from James Bond Films’.

James Bond Walther PPK
Sir Roger Moore with the Walther PPK

1. Walther PPK

You just can’t create a list of James Bond guns without starting off with his famous Walther PPK. Originally debuted in 1962’s Dr. No, and made popular by Sean Connery, the PPK is a sleek, compact design that owes its fame from 007.

James Bond M1911A1
Pierce Brosnan aiming the M1911A1

2. M1911A1

The M1911A1 is yet another popular gun from the James Bond franchise that started with its appearance in Dr. No. Since then the 1911 has appeared throughout many of Bond’s missions.

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Colt Official Police Gold Gun
Sean Connery looking down the barrel of a gold-plated Colt Official Police gun

3. Colt Official Police

Debuted in Goldfinger, the Colt Official Police isn’t exactly a gun we would normally connect Bond with. Though it did make a mark thanks to the villain who wielded the gold-plated version in front of Connery’s face, and it’s a beauty.

Anderson Wheeler 500 NE Double Rifle
Daniel Craig cocking the Anderson Wheeler 500 NE Double Rifle

4. Anderson Wheeler 500 NE Double Rifle

Perhaps not the most popular Bond gun in the franchise, but it’s difficult to deny the beauty that is the Anderson Wheeler 500 NE. This double rifle makes an appearance in Bond’s latest adventure, Skyfall when he uses it during a gunfight at his ancestral home.

James Bond AKMS
Timothy Dalton shooting an AKMS


The Kalashnikov, aka the AK, made its first appearance in 1983’s Octopussy used by East German guards and Soviet soldiers. Just a few years later it shows up again in 1987’s The Living Daylights, but this time used by Soviet, Czech and Mujahideen fighters.

James Bond Glock 17
Daniel Craig aiming a Glock 17

Bonus – Glock 17

The Glock 17 appears in 007: Nightfire as the “Kowloon Type 40” and the “Kowloon Type 80.” The K-80 is only available in multiplayer, or as an upgrade for a high score in single player.

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Did I leave out any of your favorite Bond guns? Leave them in the comments below.