I am completely obsessed with playing Overwatch. I would be lying if I told you I didn’t play for at least an hour a day. Blizzard has made it easy for fans to want to keep playing by incentivizing them with new loot boxes, game modes, maps, and characters. Even more, they have some really really cool Overwatch collectible toys. See a few of my favorites below:

1. Genji

Overwatch Genji Toy Collectible

2. Mei

Overwatch Mei Toy Collectible
Good Smile Company

3. Widowmaker

Overwatch Widowmaker Toy
Big Bad Toystore

4. Lucio

Lucio Overwatch Toy Collectible

5. Reaper


Overwatch Reaper Toy
Blizzard Entertainment

6. Symmetra

Overwatch Symmetra Toy


7. Tracer

Overwatch Tracer Toy
Blizzard Entertainment