After a mega-successful first chapter, it was only a matter of time before we starting seeing news of A Quiet Place Part II. John Krasinki’s silent horror picks up with where we left off with the Abbott family, now forced to venture into the unknown.

Spoiler alert for those who haven’t seen A Quiet Place, Krasinki won’t be making an appearance as the father. After watching the first theatrical trailer for Part II, it looks as though there are flashbacks to how the creatures came to be. There are moments where you think you might see Mr. Abbott in the trailer during those flashbacks, but you don’t. Additionally, Krasinski is listed only as a director and not as an actor on IMDB, further cementing the idea of not seeing him in the sequel.

There were rumors early on that Cillian Murphy would be making an appearance in Part II and now we finally get to see the character he plays. It looks as though the Abbott family have more to worry about than the creatures that hunt by sound.