Hey there, ghouls and goblins! Dust off those striped suits and tease that hair because we’re about to step into the Netherworld, but this time with a twist you’ve never seen (or heard) before!

Mark your eerie calendars! On Wednesday, October 18, we’re celebrating a monumental 35 spook-tastic years since our favorite “bio-exorcist,” Beetlejuice, first graced our screens. And guess what? For ONE DAY ONLY, you have the chance to relive the magic and mischief of Tim Burton’s iconic Halloween film in the ultra-crisp Dolby Cinema! Yep, you read that right.

Imagine the ruckus of the afterlife now amplified with the immersive magic of Dolby Atmos sound. Those quirky, haunting melodies? Oh, they’re going to feel like they’re swirling right around you. And don’t even get me started on the visuals. With Dolby Vision, you’ll be seeing our ghostly pals Lydia, Adam, and Barbara in spectral clarity, making every spine-tingling scene even more hair-raising.

Beetlejuice 35th anniversary poster

This is the ULTIMATE way to kickstart your Halloween festivities. Whether you’re a die-hard Beetlejuice fan or just in for a ghoulishly good time, this is an experience you don’t want to miss. Relive the antics of the ghost with the most in a way that’ll have you shrieking (with delight, of course)!

So grab your tickets, your best spooky pals, and maybe even a can of “Shake, Senora” for good measure. October 18 is just around the haunted corner, and we’re ready to say his name three times… are you?