It’s not a party unless The Captain is there.

Last week, Captain Morgan set sail for Miami to meet the cast and crew of Baywatch at the official red carpet premiere. With him he brought the latest spirit in the Captain Morgan family, Captain Morgan LocoNut, and a few members of his crew–in Baywatch attire of course.

Captain's Crew at Baywatch Premiere

Guests of the red carpet and VIP tent were treated to LocoNut cocktails (in real coconuts), while the VIP after-party received LocoNut Shots and delicious Morgan Mule cocktails.

LocoNut Rocks and Loco & Coco Cocktails

Morgan Mule Cocktail

Captain Morgan and Girl With No Job

Captain Morgan LocoNut Facts

  • Scratch the Loco for a scent of coconut. Go ahead, we’ll wait.
  • Gluten free… for those people.
  • Best served chilled. More of a suggestion.
  • 40 proof
  • Suggested retail price is $14.99 for a 750 ml bottle.