My good friend and gaming buddy, Phantom Sloth, has recently opened an Etsy shop where he sells custom designs for streamers. Aptly named Slothmart, you will find an assortment of different overlays and emotes for today’s popular games. A few of my favorites are featured below, but you can count on him adding more each week.

Overwatch Stream Overlays

Custom Overwatch stream overlay
Credit: Slothmart

Arguably the most popular item on his shop according to reviews, Slothmart’s Overwatch 2 ranked overlay is perfect for Overwatch fans looking to add some flavor to their stream.

Resident Evil Stream Overlays

Resident Evil stream overlay
Credit: Slothmart

The Resident Evil franchise is by far one of the best game franchises out there and still a favorite game to stream for many people. Grab yourself one of these affordable Resident Evil stream overlays on Slothmart.

Resident Evil Emotes

Resident Evil emotes for Twitch
Credit: Slothmart

An iconic symbol from Resident Evil is the health bar. If you’ve played the game, you know what I’m talking about. Slothmart has created Resident Evil emotes that are perfect for really any streamer, whether or not they play Resident Evil on stream.

Marvel Snap Overlays

Marvel Snap stream overlay
Credit: Slothmart

I’m more of an FPS guy, but if I were to branch out, it would likely be with Marvel Snap. Slothmart created an awesome Marvel Snap overlay for streamers.

Custom Stream Overlays and Emotes

The Slothmart also allows for custom commissions, so if you want him to create something exclusively for you, just reach out.

I must say, it’s criminal that he doesn’t have a Fortnite section yet, but I’ll let that slide since he’s my friend…. for now. Head over to Slothmart and get after it.