As if 2020 wasn’t a whirlwind of a year already, we now have a Christmas movie absolutely no one asked for called Fatman. I hope you’re sitting down for this cast and plot because it’s a doozy. Mel Gibson plays Jolly Old St. Nick, who joins forces with the U.S. military to help save his declining business.

Oh, is that not enough of a plot? Allow me to continue.

A 12-year-old naughty boy is furious he received coal in his stocking, so he hires an assassin (Walton Goggins) to kill Santa Claus. I’m not really sure you need to hear much more, so here is the first official trailer for Fatman, starring Mel Gibson as Santa Claus.

For those actually interested in the film, Fatman is currently slated for a November 17, 2020 release.