The update, called Counter-Strike 2, will be free for all CS:GO players and will affect many aspects of the game. Among the most talked about updates are more realistic smoke, redesigned graphics on many maps, and new architecture that will allow players to not worry about tick rates.

But the transition to a new engine may also affect another aspect that is significant for many players, namely, the appearance of cs:go skins. Therefore, it will be useful to figure out in advance how they will change.

What will happen to players’ inventories?

First of all, it is worth mentioning that skin collections collected by players will be unaffected. Valve has officially confirmed that all purchased items from CS:GO will remain with them in CS2. Players won’t have to take any special steps to transfer their skins from CS:GO to Counter-Strike 2 — they will automatically appear in the new version of the game upon first launch.

At the same time, it can be expected that the appearance of the skins will improve to the same extent that the engine update will affect the other game objects. There will be no significant changes, since both engines were developed by Valve and it is unlikely that the transition will cause any noticeable problems. Previously, a similar change in the engine occurred in Dota2. A game originally developed on Source was ported to Source 2 and in-game items were not affected by this process.

How will the appearance of skins change?

After updating the engine, weapon models will look more attractive due to improved lighting, detail, and some textures. However, the design of the skins will remain unchanged, and the popular guns will retain their recognizable appearance.

Among the skins that will look especially advantageous on the new engine, we can mention, for example, M4A4 | Poseidon.

The new lighting technology makes its design particularly expressive, while bright colors and detailed textures are striking and recognizable even from afar. It looks like Valve has really found the right balance: the update improves the look of the skins, but at the same time the players do not get the feeling that these changes are excessive.

You can also consider examples of other skins. Let’s take one of the most colorful AK-47 skins — Neon Revolution. On this skin, pink paint has been applied to the body of the assault rifle. It seems that the skin was completely pink, and then black and green shades were applied to the same paint. You can also notice that the word “Anarchy” is written as if by hand.

In terms of wear and tear, the Well-Worn exterior skin doesn’t look perfect. However, this is if you look at it very closely. In general, the skin is practically no different to the Factory New exterior. Only some abrasions are visible on the extreme parts of the machine.

Already in the new version, we see even brighter colors, a clearer inscription and beautiful inserts on the extreme parts of the machine.

Let’s also have a look at the skin of another legendary rifle — M4A1-S. The Dark Water skin is based on a chrome finish, which is coated with paint that resembles the color of metal. The result is a brutal skin consisting of dark colors.

If we talk about paint wear, then the difference between the exteriors is small and consists of scratches on the base of the body, stock and barrel.

How to start earning on skins

Once you have selected investment cases, the next step is to buy them. There are several ways to buy cases in CS:GO:

  • on the Steam marketplace, the easiest way to buy a case. Just find the case you need and buy it with money or in-game items;
  • on external marketplaces: there are many external marketplaces where you can buy cases. However, before making a purchase, make sure that the site is reliable and safe;
  • obtaining cases in the game: cases can drop out to you in the game, and you can open them yourself or sell them on the marketplace.

However, not every option will work. For example, you cannot withdraw money on the Steam platform. In this case, you should have a closer look at the DMarket website. There is a large collection of skins at a bargain price, sometimes the best on the market; there are convenient ways to withdraw funds, and a small commission that will not affect your profits.

Tips for investing in CS:GO cases

Don’t invest more than you have planned in advance. Indeed, investments love risk, but this business must be approached wisely. You need to analyze the market and understand when it is worth taking risks, and when it is better not to do so.

Also, diversify your portfolio, because you cannot invest in only one skin. It is better to invest in several products so that the profit from one can cover the expenses of another. This is one of the main principles of any investor — to create several cash flows for yourself.

Also, always value time and do not rush. In the matter of money, spontaneous decisions are the worst that can be. Especially if we are talking about large sums, because skins are not always worth a few dollars. There are skins where the price reaches the cost of a car or real estate.

Also prepare yourself that at some point you need to make a non-standard decision. In money matters, creative approaches are always needed, because this is the only way to be more successful than others.

Trading skins is a great way to invest. This is not to say that this is an easy way to make quick money. In this matter, knowledge of the market, trends, understanding of processes and a bit of luck are required.