Indie Video Game Fans Rejoice, Playcrafting Expo Hits Los Angeles

I know I’m not the only millennial with fond memories of clobbering overgrown turtles and piloting intergalactic spaceships on my Nintendo 64. Those sleepless nights were always full of glee – up until the moment I was told to put away the controller in pursuits of pursuing a real job.

Thankfully those days in the dark are over, with the video game industry expected to rake in over $99 billion in profits this year (much to the chagrin of my high school guidance counselor)!

However, breaking into the video gaming industry has historically been tough; and that’s were organizations like Playcrafting come in. These gamers have organized expos across the country uniting indie game developers, industry professionals, and video game lovers alike all for one cause. To GAME ON.


Interested? Click here to register for this Saturday’s expo at the Microsoft Campus in Playa Vista, California. Use code “PLAYLA” to save 50% off admission!