Leveraging the recent shift of Disney‘s Steamboat Willie into the public domain, Nightmare Forge Games has ingeniously reimagined Mickey Mouse as a chilling antagonist in their forthcoming horror game, Infestation 88. This episodic co-op survival horror game, catering to one to four players, invites each participant to assume the role of an exterminator. Their mission is to confront and neutralize malevolent infestations inspired by iconic characters and urban myths. In a bold move, the developers have showcased Mickey Mouse, donning attire reminiscent of his Steamboat Willie days, as a sinister figure in the game’s trailer.

As players navigate various settings to unearth and suppress the source of these infestations, they’ll encounter this dark twist on the beloved character. Although a definitive release date remains under wraps, anticipation builds for its PC debut on Steam within the year.

This innovative use of Mickey Mouse follows the expiration of the 95-year copyright on Steamboat Willie, which entered the public domain on January 1. Despite this transition, a Disney representative has assured that the company’s unique storytelling and genuine products will continue to feature the iconic character as they always have.

Watch the first official trailer for Infestation 88 below: