JacksFilms Teams Up With Lenovo to Travel to the Future

JacksFilms Lenovo Commercial

As far as sponsors go, most YouTubers fail to make paid content look organic. They fail to create a look that doesn’t scream, “I was paid a lot for this, so deal with it!” Not Jack from JacksFilms, though, he knows what he’s doing.

I should probably mention that I’m a friend of Jack, and in no way writing this because of that reason. The ad, a commercial style video for the new Lenovo Phab 2 Pro Smartphone, is really that good.

If you have seen his work before, then you probably know his series’ YIAY, JackAsk, and Your Grammar Sucks. Well, the JACK to the FUTURE video created in partnership with Lenovo is one giant, well-produced version of his usual work. Watch it below:

I’m creating this article – unlike my normal content – because I feel as though “fans” of good YouTube content creators don’t get it. YouTubers, and online content creators for that matter, are the new celebrity. They need, nay, they want to make money. Why? So they can continue to make cool content on a higher scale. In JacksFilms’ case, he created a video that is definitely sponsored, but organically fits into his brand. Not many content creators can say that, sadly.

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