You’ll never see a deepfake quite like this one.

You may not know the name Jim Meskimen, but I can assure you you have heard his voice before. He’s appeared in countless films and television series and may have even voiced some of your favorite cartoon and video game characters. What Jim is most known for is his impressions. If you close your eyes and hear him do a bit, you would almost swear that the famous person he is voicing is in the room with you. He really is that good.

To take his impressions to the next level and really bring them to life, YouTuber Sham00k–known for his Deepfake videos–superimposes the face of whoever Jim is impersonating onto him during his poetry monologue about impressionists. Some of Jim’s best impressions in the video are Christopher Walken, Robert Deniro, Joe Pesci, Morgan Freeman, and much more! Watch it below:

The video is both amazing and terrifying all at the same time. Each impression and deepfake looks almost too real to believe, while the level of realism makes me creeped out to think this is actually possible. There has been a lot of controversy surrounding deepfakes for the fact that politicians and world leaders could be used to spread false messages. That’s a scary thought when you think about it. However, and for the use of entertainment, this deepfake is truly one of the best I’ve seen and used in a manner that shouldn’t upset anyone.

Side by Side of Impressionist Using Deepfake

Sham00k put out a video of his own showing off Jim Meskimen’s impressions side by side with the deepfake version. You can see the difference pretty clear and quickly realize why this deepfake technology is so special when done right. I love how you can see a smooth transition from character to character. It’s almost eerie like he turned Jim into some sort of chameleon or something. Take a look below: