Live Performance of NIGHTCALL by Kavinsky
Live performance of NIGHTCALL by Kavinsky. Credit: Barnaby Dixon

Drive has been one of my favorite films since it came out. Ryan Gosling is the man, though he wasn’t really the reason I loved it so much. Drive’s music is hauntingly perfect for the genre and stylized-nature of the film. I rarely buy movie soundtracks but this was one I just couldn’t pass up.

A few weeks back a friend of mine introduced me to Barnaby Dixon and his Creepy Face Puppet. Using a tiny camera and screen, Dixon projects his mouth on the puppet in real-time, allowing for some amazing results. In his latest video, he takes one of my favorite songs from Drive and recreates it in a live, unedited performance. I didn’t think I could love NIGHTCALL from Kavinsky anymore than I already did, but here we are now.

Watch Barnaby Dixon’s live performance of NIGHTCALL below. It’s amazing!