Epic Games, the developer behind the massively popular battle royale game Fortnite, has officially announced the return of the original Chapter 1 map. This announcement comes amidst a flurry of leaks and speculations in the community. The original map is set to return on November 3, 2023, offering players a nostalgic journey back to the game’s roots . Here’s everything you need to know about this exciting development:

The Return of the First Fortnite Map

The original Fortnite map is returning
Where will you drop on the original Fortnite map?

The original map’s comeback was confirmed by Epic Games after several leaks hinted at this possibility. A particular image shared online on October 10th showed the villain of the current Fortnite season, Kado Thorne, standing in front of a machine displaying the date “2018 07 12,” which is the date when season five of Chapter One launched, introducing a desert biome among other new locations to the original map.

Date and Mechanics

The original map will make its grand re-entry into the game on November 3, 2023. Despite the map reverting to its initial layout, modern movement mechanics like mantling will still be part of the game, ensuring players get to experience the old in the new .

What Stays and What Goes

As players sprint (or mantle) back to Chapter 1, they’ll find themselves dropped into a basic yet beloved layout, or at least parts of it. The precise extent to which the original map will be restored, and which new elements from subsequent chapters will be retained or integrated, is yet to be seen .

Excitement Among the Community

The return of the original map has been a hot topic within the Fortnite community. Players are excitedly anticipating the throwback, and the leaks leading up to the official announcement only fueled the fire of speculation and excitement. The nostalgia tied to the original map is significant, as it’s where many players first jumped onto the Battle Bus and began their Fortnite adventures.


The return of Fortnite’s original map is a significant event that nods to the game’s history and the community’s fond memories. It’s a blend of old and new, with modern game mechanics intertwining with a classic map layout. As players eagerly await to drop back into the familiar yet refreshed environment, the buzz surrounding Fortnite continues to build, making it clear that the game remains a dynamic and beloved part of the gaming landscape.