I am continuously impressed with Prime 1 Studio‘s craftsmanship. Their statues are second to none and always find a way to ignite nostalgia whenever they release something new. Their latest drop takes us back to Racoon City, where the evil Umbrella Corporation’s experiments have turned its citizens into zombies.

Prime 1 Studio has created what might be the ultimate collectible for Resident Evil 2 fans by way of two statues featuring the game’s protagonists: Claire Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy.

Claire Redfield Statue

Claire Redfield Resident Evil 2 Statues

Leon S. Kennedy Statue

Leon S. Kennedy Resident Evil 2 Statues

The statues are currently available for $1,349 USD each, with a required preorder deposit of 10%. Each statue weighs around 46 lbs. and is roughly 23″ tall, 20.5″ wide, with a 23.6″ depth.

Head over to Prime 1 Studio’s website for more photos and to learn more about their latest drop.