I don’t know if anyone has ever pointed this out to you or not but Samuel L. Jackson is in a lot of movies. Like… a lot. Okay, so this is definitely common knowledge, but when you try to nail down just now many, it can get a little overwhelming. And based on this video with James Corden, it appears that even the man himself has a little trouble keeping count. If you’re not familiar with the series that Cordon runs on his show, he and his guest of the evening use a green screen and some very carefully selected foreground and props to quickly run through some key pieces in their body of work. It’s absolutely as ridiculous as it sounds, and this 11-minute, amazing hot-mess summation of Jackson’s film career turned out to be no different.

So go ahead, give it a gander. And if you have a few more minutes left over when you’re done, I highly recommend you check out some of his other as well (and then watch a Samuel L. Jackson movie, cause that’s just never a bad idea).