There’s nothing quite like the gaming we had in the 90’s. I remember waking up early on the weekends with my brother so we could continue playing the games we left off the night before. There were many nights where we didn’t even sleep. Sorry, mom.

Japan-based video game developer, SEGA, announced their latest project to help cure all of our cases of nostalgia with the release of SEGA Forever. Retro games from SEGA’s primetime will be made available on iOS and Android, with additional releases every two weeks. A few SEGA titles already made available out of the gate are Sonic the Hedgehog, Phantasy Star II, Altered Beast, and Crazy Taxi.

To play is free, but it will cost you if you’re looking to block those pesky ads. After downloading a few of the games myself, I can tell you that the $1.99 to block ads is well worth it. They get extremely annoying!

Take a look at the SEGA Forever launch video above, and then hope on over to their site to learn more –