Men, it’s time to act like a kid again. There’s a new competitor looking to take on Nerf guns and from the looks of it, they’re far more accurate.

Enter the Shelby Destroyer, a foam disc blaster that fires six rounds per second, has four power settings to easily adjust firing range, semi-automatic and fully automatic settings, and a rechargeable lithium battery. Fully designed, engineered, and assembled in America, the Shelby Destroyer was created by father-son duo, David and Henry Pisor.

“My son and I share a love for Nerf wars. It’s been a favorite pastime for most of the last decade and has brought us closer together. The pandemic was no exception. The more we battled the more we thought about how we could maximize our experience. The answer; design a better blaster. A Nerf 2.0. Not just for us but for the entire community of fanatics that love this as much as we do. Enter the Shelby Destroyer.”

– David Pisor founder of Shelby Manufacturing.

The Shelby Destroyer will be launching on Indiegogo this month (June 29, 2021) with a variety of campaign support tiers. Check those out below:

Shelby Destroyer Indiegogo Tiers

Your readers can choose from any of these initial packages to suit their real-life gaming needs.

Classic Package:

  • 1 – SHELBY Destroyer
  • 1 – Lithium Battery Charging Base
  • 240 – Foam Discs (Ammo)
  • 1 – Pair Tactical Safety Glasses

Regular Price: $335

Indiegogo Campaign: $195

Battle Ready Package:

  • 2 – SHELBY Destroyers
  • 2 – Lithium Battery Charging Base
  • 480 – Foam Discs
  • 2 – Pair Tactical Safety Glasses
  • 2 – Laser Sites
  • 2 – EXTRA Lithium batteries

Regular Price: $780

Indiegogo Campaign: $465

Camouflage Package:

Battles outside will be the new norm with these blasters. And there is no better way to consistently dominate your older brother than to ensure he can’t find you! Hide like an Army Ranger in your mom’s flower garden or your neighbors leaf pile.

  • 1 – SHELBY Destroyer – Camo
  • 1 – Lithium Battery Charging Base
  • 240 – Camo Foam Discs
  • 1 – Pair Tactical Safety Glasses
  • 1 – 3×9 Blaster Scope with Rangefinder

Regular Price: $540

Indiegogo Campaign: $325

The OG Package:

These incredible live gaming machines will be quite special. And the first off the production line will be one of a kind. Accordingly the first 500 blasters produced, serial numbers from SD00001 to SD00500, will have a carbon fiber finish.

  • 1 – SHELBY Destroyer – CarbonFiber
  • 1 – Lithium Battery Charging Base
  • 240 – Foam Discs
  • 1 – Pair Tactical Safety Glasses
  • 1 – Laser Site

Regular Price: $775

Indiegogo Campaign: $465

Shelby Destroyer Specs

  • 25 Year Warranty
  • 110 discs per magazine
  • Fast Reload – full stacks of discs at a time
  • Four power settings – fires long distances with speed and accuracy for outdoor play. Switch to lower velocity settings for close quarters battles. (the blaster comes with one power setting – you can unlock three additional power settings as one of the many perks of the Shelby force app subscription.
  • Fires six rounds per second
  • Semi-automatic & Fully automatic settings
  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery with external charging base.
  • LED Battery Indicator: Green – Strong, Yellow – Near depletion, Red – Recharge
  • LED Light: Team color selection