As you’re a person with the ability to read this post right now, you’re most likely aware that the second season of Stranger Things has finally graced us with its presence. With so much excited anticipation surrounding the 9-episode release, it’s not surprising that there have been a ton of collaborations and promotions to celebrate it. Of course Snapchat has gotten in on the party, with a set of some pretty cool Stranger Things filters. The first is an interactive transport right into the Byers’ living room via AR. Moving your phone around the room, you can see everything from the iconic holiday light alphabet wall to the hole Joyce put in the one across from it. As you peruse, you’ll notice certain items highlighted with a familiar, creepy red light. Be sure to tap on these for a little extra…fun? When you’re ready to leave the Byers alone, switch your camera to face front and check out the second filter to see what you’d look like in the Upside Down.

I’m not sure how long the filters will be around, but if they’re anything like the show, it won’t be long enough. So maybe check it out as soon as you’re finished binge-watching Season 2. You know, in like an hour.