For every Stranger Things fan who’s ever wondered about the backstory of the show’s beloved characters, your wish is about to come true. Dive into the world of Hawkins in 1959, a seemingly regular town with typical problems, as Netflix and Sonia Friedman Productions take you on a theatrical journey with Stranger Things: The First Shadow.

Stranger Things: The First Shadow Poster

A Glimpse into the Past

Meet young Jim Hopper as he struggles with a rebellious car and get acquainted with Bob Newby, a budding radio show enthusiast who faces skepticism from his own family. Joyce Maldonado, on the other hand, harbors dreams of graduating and leaving Hawkins behind for good. But as with any good story, there’s a twist. The arrival of new student Henry Creel and his family brings a shadowy wave that echoes the past and stretches its fingers into the heart of Hawkins.

Epic Creative Team Behind the Curtain

This isn’t just another addition to the Stranger Things universe. This narrative promises a gripping new tale, masterfully crafted by a multi-award-winning creative team. Kate Trefry pens the story, with original input by the iconic Duffer Brothers, Jack Thorne, and herself. For those attached to the original series, rest assured: The Duffer Brothers have lent their touch as creative producers, ensuring that the essence of Stranger Things remains intact. The expertise of 21 Laps Entertainment further enhances the production as associate producer.

With Stephen Daldry in the director’s chair and Justin Martin co-directing, the show promises theatrical excellence. The ensemble cast features talents like Shane Attwooll as Chief Hopper and Isabella Pappas playing Joyce Maldonado. With a team that combines fresh faces with seasoned performers, it’s bound to be a stellar presentation.

A Showcase of Grandeur: Behind the Scenes

The stage is set to amaze, quite literally, with set design by Miriam Buether and costumes styled by Brigitte Reiffenstuel. But the show is not just about the visuals. Sound design by Paul Arditti, accompanied by original compositions from D.J. Walde, aims to engulf the audience in an immersive auditory experience. Jamie Harrison & Chris Fisher’s illusions and visual effects, combined with choreography by Coral Messam and movement direction by Lynne Page, promise a feast for the senses.

Mark Your Calendars

This is not just another play. It’s an experience. Stranger Things: The First Shadow is set to open its curtains at the Phoenix Theatre, located at Charing Cross Rd, London. Get ready for the grand unveiling on 14 December, but for the eager fans, previews kick off on 17 November. For dedicated enthusiasts looking for more insights, cast biographies, ticket information, and performance schedules, the official website is the place to be. And for those who thrive on social media snippets, keep an eye out on the show’s official social channels for all the juicy updates.