The Fortnite Icon Series pays homage to popular streamers by providing their fans a skin they can purchase using VBUCKS (in-game currency). Everyone from Tyler “Ninja” Blevins and Chica to Loserfruit and Bugha has a Fortnite Icon Series skin. Though those four are deserving of having such an honor in-game there is one streamer that many feel should have had a skin long before and that’s Ali Hassan, better known as ‘SypherPK’.

SypherPK is no stranger to Fornite. In fact, he’s sorta become “The Fortnite Guy.” There really isn’t anyone I know in the Fortnite community that doesn’t know who he is or hasn’t watched one of his helpful videos before. Needless to say, the man deserves it!

SypherPK Documentary

In celebration of SypherPK’s Fortnite Icon Series skin dropping on August 22, 2022, Epic Games has released a documentary with an approximate run time of 27 minutes and 53 seconds. Watch the ‘SypherPK Joins the Fortnite Icon Series – Stories from the Battle Bus‘ documentary below to learn all about Hassan’s rise to fame.

SypherPK doesn’t stop at just Fortnite or content creation. The man has an empire he’s building alongside his bad-ass wife, Daniela. I highly recommend you see what they’re cooking up over at Metal Umbrella and Oni Studios.